​​​William Callender 

Place of business: Boston MA. USA.

Dates of business: 1777-1838*

*Per Dillon

William Callender was one of the earliest fife makers in the United States that instruments survive. 

This fife is marked: Wm Callender, 62 Middle St, Boston.

These fifes are the earliest dateable instruments of American Manufacture.

Date of fife: After 1803

Length of Instrument-the fife is 15 ¼ inch.

Key of instrument-B (Bb?) stamped above the embouchure hole. What is interesting is that this fife pitched at a rather low C.

Finger holes-seem to be all of the same size.

The spacing on the holes is as follows: 





Swell-the swell on this instrument comes after the embouchure hole. It comes about a quarter of the way down from the top ferrule.

Ferrules- Brass/seamed

​Cat Number 30